Zebra Video Case studies

If you knew how to put the right asset, in the right place, at the right time... new business benefits are possible. We know. Learn more about how Barcode Specialists in partnership with Zebra Technologies solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

Barcode Specialists have pulled together a portfolio of useful video case studies which highlight application success stories over  a cross section of industries such as Manufacturing - Zebra asset tracking labels, Zebra inventory labels, Zebra shipping label solutions, Mobile Workforce - Zebra receipt printing solutions (Zebra 5 year archivable receipt paper), Healthcare - Zebra patient wristband printing & mobile bedside speciman labelling solutions, Retail - Zebra on demand price mark down labels and re labelling label solutions, Post & Parcel - Zebra linerless labelling solutions for electronic postage stamps. Click on the various links below related to the applications which may be of interest to your organisation.

For further information about these case studies and other success stories, talk to Barcode Specialists on Tel 01772 338251one of our application specialist advisors will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements or alternatively E-MAIL the details through to us

 IBM deploy Zebra XiIII printers and QL420 mobile label printers to provide asset tracking labels, shipping labels, inventory labels on a 24/7 time line to improve efficiencies, productivity, technology and  durability. CLICK HERE to see Zebra XiIII printers and QL420 mobile label printers operating in the IBM plant in Burlington providing business efficiencies and increasing output whilst reducing errors in a whole range of applications.  

Arcelik deploy Zebra MZ 320 mobile receipt printers to provide time, performance and technology benefits. CLICK HERE to see Zebra MZ 320 mobile receipt printers operating in the field delivering key benefits in increasing engineers productivity and improving customer service.at Arcelik Beko

 Cadbury deploy Zebra RW 420 mobile receipt printers with vehicle cradles to bring mobile selling direct to the customer improving efficiency, productivity and customer service. CLICK HERE to see Zebra RW 420 mobile receipt printers using Zebra 5 year archivable receipt material for receipts, improving customer service at Cadbury  

 Raigmore hospital, part of the national health service improves patient identification with a Zebra wristband solution and increase efficiencies with an on demand mobile label printing solution for speciman samples at the patients bedside. CLICK HERE to see Zebra LP2824 desktop printers printing wristbands and Zebra OL 220 plus mobile printers printing speciman labels at the patients bedside 


Mim retail in France deploy the Zebra QL220 mobile label printers to speed up on demand labelling operations improving productivity and customer service. CLICK HERE to see the Zebra QL 220 mobile label printer printing Zebra price mark down labels on demand (reducing pricing errors) and re label labelling solutions for marking retail items. 

 Swiss post deploy the Zebra LP 3842 desktop printer providing quality and reliability in local post offices when printing electronic postage stamps. CLICK HERE to see the Zebra LP 3842 desktop printer printing Zebra linerless electronic postage stamps improving quality and customer service.

 Gottingen University Hospital deploy Zebra TLP 2844 desktop printers providing accuracy, quality and reliability when printing laboratory labels (lab labels) and specimen labeling solutions CLICK HERE to see the Zebra TLP 2844 desktop printer printing laboratory labels (lab labels) and specimen labeling solutions for specimen tracking, reducing errors and improving efficiencies throughout the various hospital departments. Zebra's cryogenic labels appear in this video.


For more Zebra video case studies covering a whole range of applications associated with global brands, click on the video link!