Zebra Appointment Cards

   Zebra Direct Thermal Appointment Cards For Zebra Desktop Printers


Buy Zebra Appointment Cards from Barcode Specialists a Zebra Supplies Specialist and Business Partner with over 30 years-experience in providing branded approved Zebra solutions. Zebra only approve and brand the highest quality grades of direct thermal appointment cards for their printers offering outstanding and un-parallel print performance, durability and sustainability and more importantly value for money. When you need to be sure the appointment cards you print for your surgery provide the best print quality for illegibility purposes, you can count on Barcode Specialists in partnership with Zebra delivering an unmatched performance.

For the ultimate appointment reminder, Barcode Specialists can supply you with blank Zebra Appointment Cards that are suitable for use in all Zebra Desktop Thermal Printers. Including old and new Zebra desktop printers: ZD620t, ZD620d, ZD410, ZD420, GT800, ZD220D, ZD220T, GK420t, GK420d GX420t, GX420d, LP 2824, LP 2824-Z, TLP 2824, TLP 2844-Z, LP 2844, LP 2844-Z, TLP 2844, TLP 2844-Z, TLP 3842, TLP 3844-Z

Ideal for: • Orthodontic Practices • Dental Practices • Beauty Salons, Veterinary Practices • Aesthetic Surgeries • HealthCare Centres

In using Zebra Appointment Cards, you can effectively save your business time and money, and offer your customers a physical reminder to prevent missed appointments.

Zebra Appointment Cards are compatible with Software of Excellence (SOE)Pearls and Dentsys.

Zebra appointment cards are available in a blank format allowing you to overprint the clients appointment details onto the card using your Zebra desktop printer. 


Barcode Specialists in partnership with Zebra Technologies also offer the service of creating Bespoke Appointment Card Rolls. These contain logos, address, phone numbers and the customer’s appointment time and details. 

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Zebra Appointment Cards