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New ZebraLink Smartphone Utility and Multiplatform SDK

Using the new ZebraLink™ Smart phone Utility, customers can now print from their BlackBerry® smart phones to their Zebra® mobile or stationary printers. For some applications, large, expensive handheld terminals may no longer be necessary—customers will instead be able to use their flexible smart phone.

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New child red/alert wristband for Zebra’s HC100 printer

Following last month’s announcement about the Adult red/alert wristband a child’s version is now also available.

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End of Life of 2-inch 28-Series and External ZebraNet PrintServer II

We recently launched LP2824 Plus and TLP2824 Plus represent the next step in compact desktop printing. The 2824 Plus offers a feature rich and cost effective proposition that is further enhanced with new software items such as Zebra Setup Utilities and the Zebra OPOS Driver to support existing applications as well as developing new opportunities.

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Zebra Sees Growth in RFID

As the market experiences a renewed interest in radio frequency identification, Zebra is seeing a revived growth in the RFID product category. Driving this renewed interest is the evolution of item-level tracking for emergency business-improvement applications such as apparel source tagging (tagging at point of manufacture), and closed loop applications such as industrial asset management and package validation.

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G-Series internal ZebraNet® Wireless 802.11g

Zebra is pleased to announce that a new internal ZebraNet® Wireless 802.11g option is 
available for G-Series GX models. The internal, factory-installed print server includes an LCD for easier set-up and ongoing use. This network option allows connection right out of the box and supports the current advanced wireless security protocols.

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New "ZipShip" Blackberry app available for download

 We launched the Zipship iPhone App in April and now you can also experience the features of this user friendly site on your Blackberry. Download 

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ZMotif CardStudio software is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-operate professional card design and card issuance software suite. The launch promotion ends on the 30th September, however we will continue to offer a increased discount on all three editions of the software: Classic, Standard and Professional.

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Zebra's ZXP Series 8™ retransfer printer brings Wi-Fi networking to card printing

  Zebra is pleased to announce that the ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer is now available with a secure 802.11 b/g wireless option, making it the first wireless card printer on the market.

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Resizing printouts on kiosk printers

As more companies look to implement self-service and kiosk applications, there is often a requirement to resize or rescale a printout to suit the kiosk printer. Zebra’s Windows Drivers provide the capability to resize or rescale an A4, A5 or any other size printout to the correct width for the kiosk printer.

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Online ZipShip selector tool enhancements

Now allows you to select supplies by “media size” as well as by “application”. It’s still 4 easy steps so why not try it today, CLICK HERE.

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