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Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Genuine Zebra ribbons are available in wax, wax-resin and resin formulations to meet the durability requirements of your application.

  • Zebra wax ribbons are ideal for standard printing on paper materials. 2300, 5319 and 2100 formulas are available.
  • Zebra wax/resin ribbons provide excellent durability against chemicals on paper and synthetic materials. 3200 and 3400 formulas are available. 
  • Zebra resin ribbons provide ultimate durability against chemicals and heat on synthetics. 4800, 5095 and 5100 formulas are available. 

You can be assured that when used together, Zebra ribbons and Zebra labels will provide optimal performance with your Zebra printer.

Choosing your ribbon

  • Simply click on your requested category below, wax. wax/resin or resin
  • then, click on product type (2300,2100,5319,3200,3400,4800,5095,5100)
  • then, click on ribbon size
  • then, click on "Add To Cart" 

Quick Guide Printer/Ribbon Combination

Zebra High End printers require 450m (metre) rolls of ribbon
Zebra Midrange printers require 450m (metre) rolls of ribbon
Zebra Desktop printers require 74m (metre) rolls of ribbon
Zebra Pax engines require 450m (metre) or 900m (metre) rolls of ribbon
Zebra's 2746e, TLP2046, TLP2044, Eclipse printers require 362m (metre) rolls of ribbon
Zebra's TLP3742, TLP2742, TLP3642, TLP2642, TLP2242, T402 require 91m (metre) rolls of ribbon 

If you require further product advice regarding your selection, please do not hesitate to contact our team of Specialists on Tel 01772 338251 or simply E-MAIL your application details. 

FREE sample rolls of Zebra thermal transfer ribbons are available from stock for testing in your application. Please note all sample rolls are 80mm (W) x 50metres (L). Tel 01772 338251 or alternatively E-MAIL and request yours today. 

Zebra Wax Ribbons
The Zebra Wax range of ribbons include 2300, 2100 and 5319 formulas. PRICES START FROM £7.01 (EX VAT)
Zebra Wax/Resin Ribbons
The Zebra Wax/Resin range of ribbons include 3200 and 3400 formulas. PRICES START FROM £10.83 (EX VAT)
Zebra Resin Ribbons
The Zebra Resin range of ribbons include 4800, 5095 and 5100 formulas. PRICES START FROM £16.39 (EX VAT)


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